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Z heng Gu Tui Na (ZGTN) was founded in 1997 by renowned acupuncturists Tom Bisio and Frank Butler, who combined rare knowledge each gained through traditional apprenticeships in order to create an effective method of teaching traditional Chinese orthopedics and the treatment of traumatic injury. Together Tom and Frank have created a training method which duplicates the intense, practical clinical experience of an apprenticeship – yet without the lack of structure and organization that often characterizes the apprenticeship method of learning. Since its founding, ZGTN has taught hundreds of students in the USA, Canada, Denmark and France.


Zheng Gu Tui Na is a complete healing system for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain, musculo-skeletal injury, and internal disorders. Zheng Gu literally means “correct the bone”, while Tui Na – literally “Push-Grasp” – specifically references medical massage in Chinese culture. The global approach of Zheng Gu Tui Na is achieved by returning to the roots of Chinese medicine: an integrated multi-modality approach to diagnosing, treating and preventing injury and illness. Zheng Gu and Tui Na techniques have always been inseparably integrated with the other modalities of Chinese medicine – not merely a system of manipulating bones, nor simply a method of Asian bodywork, they are most effectively used in conjunction with other modalities.

The diagram below illustrates the interlocking nature of the theories and modalities of Chinese medicine.

ZGTN.Triad2  About Us

Most schools of Chinese medicine in the West and in mainland China today focus on the upper triangle, or “triad”. Yet, as we see in the diagram above, the top triad is supported by a strong foundation of three other triads. These Foundational Triads – and their accompanying theoretical pedagogy – are the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine, based upon a visceral, internal understanding of body movement, alignment, anatomy, and the meridian system. This knowledge – often difficult and perhaps even impossible to acquire in a school setting – provides the all-important basis for developing a deep understanding of Chinese medicine.

Therefore, the primary focus of our Zheng Gu Tui Na Courses is on the Foundational Triads. We offer courses in:


• Tui Na (Levels 1-4)
• Zheng Gu Techniques (Tui Na Levels 5-7)
• Organ Regulating Tui Na
• Orthopedic Acupuncture (1&2)
• ZGTN Martial Arts/Sports Medicine
• Trauma and External Applications of Herbal Medicine
• Qi Gong for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

The linchpin of Zheng Gu Tui Na is a series of four Tui Na courses designed to supply the practitioner with powerful treatment and diagnostic tools that are both immediate and practical. Each student learns a strong base of Qi Gong and internal cultivation to promote his or her own health and well-being, laying the foundation for the internal power, sensitivity, and body mechanics necessary for the performance of both intermediate and advanced treatments as wll as diagnostic techniques.

Emphasizing body awareness through Qi Gong and a hands-on, practical approach to learning, Zheng Gu Tu Na helps physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, martial artists – and/or anyone interested in promoting health through Chinese medicine – understand and effectively employ the key principles and methods which make Chinese medicine so effective.

Formulas and products in the Zheng Gu Tui Na product line are the same formulas we teach in the following courses:
• Trauma and External Application of Herbal Medicine
• ZGTN Martial Arts/Sports Medicine

In 2008, we partnered with Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy to create herbal medicinals taught in our courses. We first created the ZGTN Professional Product Line and in 2012 launched the ZGTN Training Product Line. In 2006 we wrote Zheng Gu Tui Na, a hard-cover text book, which serves as an useful accompaniment to ZGTN Levels 1-4.

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