Frank Butler

Frank Butler has studied and taught Chinese Daoist meditation and Qigong since 1978, and has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1990. Frank received a master’s degree in TCM and completed a seven-year apprenticeship with internationally renowned traditional Chinese “bone-setter,” Ken Ark Fun Gong (Kenny Gong).

Frank has studied internal medicine and medical massage with some of the most famous TCM masters of the 20th century, including: Jiao Shu-de (Internal Medicine), Chen Rui-Chun (Shang Han Lun), Wu Bing-Cai (Wen Bing and Jing Gui Lao Ye), Hong Guang-Xiang (Respiratory Disorders), Wei Ja (Acupuncture), Wu Bo-Ping (Internal Medicine), Zang Fu-Ke (Tui Na).

Co-founder of Zheng Gu Tui Na (ZGTN), Frank is also founder of the Global Alternative Healthcare Project ( an international relief organization that delivers TCM healthcare to poor populations all over the world. GAHP regularly arranges trips for groups of dedicated volunteers to travel to remote regions to do outreach using Chinese medicine and Tuina.

Frank’s unique apprenticeship training, coupled with his strong history of martial arts, has given him an in-depth understanding of trauma medicine. Frank has a practice in New York City, where he specializes in injury and musculo-skeletal pathology. His clients include many professional athletes. Frank has treated players of the LA Rams, NY Yankees, NY Mets, as well as many Olympic athletes.

Frank has taught both Chinese medicine and martial arts all over the world. He began practicing martial arts in the late ‘70s, and has dedicated the last 20 years to improving his mediation and Chinese medicine skills through practicing and teaching various aspects of the internal art of Xing Yi Chuan. His current focus is on the transformation of the body through Qigong and mediation practices.

His reputation and skill have earned him features in several publications and television shows; Cosmopolitan, Vogue, NPR, Extra and Fox News.

Frank’s work has also been featured in two documentaries: “Journey to the West: Chinese Medicine Today” and “The Walking Hospital”.

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