Zheng Gu Tui Na Professional Product Line

Gao (Poultices)

  • Die Da Jiu (Trauma Liniment) – VIEW
  • Hong Hua Zhi Tong Jiu / Tibetan Red Flower Oil – VIEW
  • Muscle Liniment – VIEW
  • Tendon Liniment – VIEW
Gao (Poultices)

  • Bone-Sinew Gao – VIEW
  • Ru Yi Jin Huang Gao – VIEW
  • Ru Yi Jin Huang Gao (in Powder form) – VIEW
  • San Huang San Gao – VIEW
  • San Huang San Gao (in Powder form) – VIEW

  • All Purpose Modular Soak – VIEW
  • Blood Stasis Soak – VIEW
  • Heat Clearing Soak – VIEW
  • Osteophyte Soak – VIEW
  • Pathogenic Cold Soak – VIEW
  • Sinew Relaxing Soak – VIEW

  • Green Ointment – VIEW
  • Tui Na Ointment – VIEW
Pills/Capsules (Internal)

  • Bone Knitting Pill – Early Stage – VIEW
  • Bone Knitting Pill – Late Stage – VIEW
  • Die Da Wan (Trauma Pill) – VIEW
  • Osteophyte Powder (Capsules) – VIEW

  • Qing Dai San – VIEW
  • Stop Bleeding Powder – VIEW

The ZGTN Professional product line includes Liniments, Gao (Poultices), Soaks, Ointments, Pills/Capsules and Powders for Trauma and Orthopedic Conditions.

All ZGTN products are conveniently packaged to be easy to use – in the clinic, on the sports field or in any martial arts school. The ZGTN Professional Sports Medicine Line is composed of the most potent and effective traditional formulas for treating sports injuries and Orthopedic conditions. Our products are useful for athletes, massage therapists, martial artists, coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, dancers, professional practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and/or anyone with a basic working knowledge of the treatment of injury in Chinese medicine. They can be safely given to patients for home use.

Many of these formulas are the same as (or variations of) formulas in Tom Bisio’s popular book, A Tooth From the Tiger’s Mouth, also available from Kamwo Herb Pharmacy, and can be used in conjunction with the book. Detailed instruction on the use of Professional Sports Medicine Line is part of the Zheng Gu Tui Na Martial Arts/Sports Medicine course.

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